Athletic Conditioning

ATHLETE: anyone who trains to live an active life and perform at their best. This class focuses on agility training, improving speed and strength, explosive power, as well as coordination and footwork. A blend of core, weights and cardio – this class will have you sweating, smiling and high-fiving for 60 minutes. We will meet you where you are at in this class – gold medalist or mom of three… we got you, Athlete.

Down + Dirty


Lower Body (12 Minute AMRAP)
DB/KB Goblet Squats (8-12 rep range)
Single Leg Deadlift (6-8 per side)
Cossack Squat / Lateral Lunge (6-8 per side)
Banded lateral walk / Leg Lifts (20 total)

Upper Body (12 Minute AMRAP)
DB Floor Press (8-12 rep range)
DB Bent Over Row (8-12 rep range)
DB Lateral Raise (8-10 rep range)
Band Tricep Kickback (20 total reps)