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"I have loved having the variety, but also knowing I can still feel connected to everyone has been huge. Knowing we are all still working out together and suffering/laughing through the same movements has been awesome! I feel like it’s the one thing I’ve looked forward to and it has also made me realize how working out at home can be fun."
"These workouts are EVERYTHING!!! They are creative, they are accessible (at all hours and to all fitness levels), they are fun, challenging, and they are giving me life! Compass is an awesome community online and in person! Compass IS family."
"The compass team and their workouts have kept me both mentally and physically healthy with their online workouts, the community, and the fun extras (nutrition, trivia). The trainers are the best! They are creative and they put so much love and work into delivering workouts that are challenging and fun! Each workout is different and I love the variety. I always walk away feeling better and knowing I got just what I needed. Love the compass team.